Roons – Dryden Chemical – Batonruge Territory – Circa 165 N.E.

Dryden Chemical – Batonruge Territory circa 165 N.E.

Client: Gypsee Games, Inc.

Task: Create a Roons Scene of Dryden Chemical – Batonruge Territories

Creative Direction: K. Pajak

Artist: K. Pajak

Media: Photo Manipulation

Diesel Wars Miniatures Game - Artwork - Dryden Chemical Roons circa 165 N.E. (New Era)

Dryden Chemcical

3006 C.E. Dryden Chemical plant, Baton Rouge LA converts its facility to full automation. Employing robotics, robots, and Gen 6 Androids.

Gen6 Androids – These androids were created using the first true AI program. The technology to manufacture them was lost during the first great age of darkness beginning May 6, 3015. It’s equal has never been matched since. True Androids, Gen6 Androids, are indistinguishable from humans. As long as they don’t suffer damage they will continue to function indefinitely as they employ the SCSA Solar Cell Technology, solar panels which do not break down. It has been over 4000 years at this point and Gen6 Androids continue to function… the last of a forgotten era, passing the infinite span of time, alone and lonely.

After fully converting to automation and Androids the plant personnel, Androids (now referred to as Roids), continue to harvest the necessary ingredients to manufacture chemicals. Here we can see the Duaquat Storage Room. Duaquat was developed in 3008 C.E. for a manufacturer of specialized mining equipment. It has to be stored in either a perfect vacuum or in special containers in a room set at 800 Degrees Fahrenheit. Only Lunitis orders this chemical anymore. It is transported by a fire rocket that blazes through the night sky (only transportable at outside of sunlight) a solitary reminder that life on the moon still exists. Payment to the plant is made by solitary return rocket. The exchange was arranged by Peppy Brian, the head of the plant. His congenial and accepting ways have endeared him to Lunitis. He runs a tight ship but is good to his employees, has been for over 3,000 years. He can often be found wandering the halls, inspecting the plant, and aiding in its refurbishment and upkeep.<br>