gse-packsGypsee Packs

Our Gypsee Packs (GSE Packs) immerse you into your Miniatures Hobby. They bring together the best miniatures a company offers, shows you how to build and assemble the miniatures. It offers you a micro catalog for the manufacturer’s game or miniatures line. It also provides you with your very own Painting Lesson on how to paint the miniature(s) in the package. The Painting Lesson is a tutorial and teaching assistant on how to paint as well as how the manufacturer recommends painting the supplied miniature(s).

These GSE Terrain Pack can also be Terrain Kits which provide a different aspect of the hobby. They too will come with instructions on how to assemble the terrain be it buildings or a scene-scape, and painting instructions as well.

GSE Packs

Once you’ve completed your GSE Miniatures Pack you’ll be ready to jump into the action and use some of your other miniatures as proxies to play the scenario provided. You’ll use the mini rules to play. This tool will allow you to decide if getting more fully involved in the specific game is right for you.

Each GSE Pack will come with either miniatures or terrain items, basing material, glue, a micro catalog from the manufacturer, a painting guide, the proper paint for each miniature or terrain item, and paint brushes. Some kits also offer tutorial videos as well. Further augmenting your experience and enjoyment. These kits make a perfect gift for anyone that knows a gamer but just doesn’t know what to get that gamer. They are also perfect for the Hobby Enthusiasts looking to get into miniatures gaming as well as the seasoned miniaturist that is looking to try a new game.

Now that you’re ready to jump into the action just head over to the GSE M/T Packs and select your first one.