Miniatures Games are one of the best way for family and friends to have a great time, on the tabletop or off. They allow you to game, paint, and create. Find your favorite miniatures game today.

miniatures-gamesMiniatures Games – How they work.

Miniatures Games use a set of rules to define how the figures interact with the tabletop world they “live in”. It sets how far they can move, what their health stats are like, what conditions are required for each figure (also sometimes called a unit) to take damage, what the game objectives are, and gives you the fluff behind the game itself. For instance, it could be a Fantasy Miniatures Game and your figures represent a horde of barbarians. The rules would typically define how far you could move each figure, measuring the distance with a tape measure. Then their great swords would have a stat and define how much damage it would do. So now your horde of Raging Barbarians charge ferociously across the table at 6 inches per turn, and swing their great barbarian swords at their enemies, the Giant Tree Men of Gargafell. The Tree Men have a tough hide which ends up blocking most of the damage and only a little bark is chipped off. So the Barbarian player sighs and exclaims “Nooo, you shall not take the day!” and uses his power to reroll the dice (which initially he only rolled 1 successful hit). Now his power really shines and the Tree Men see they have met their match!

Not all miniatures games are like this example. But the rules define how the game is played. The tape measure (or other measurement device) determines the figure’s/unit’s movement. Etc.

One of the greatest aspects of Miniatures Gaming is that it’s not just a game, it’s a lifelong hobby too. You get to paint the figures, and can create the terrain as well. This great hobby allows you to watch movies and paint, or enjoy the company of your friends and family to create the perfect evening either gaming or working on your hobby. Also check out our great selection of Role Playing Games.