Diesel Wars tabletop miniatures game

Diesel Wars tabletop miniatures game.

Welcome to the final days of mankind. The world has become a toxic filled landscape, filled with machines belching the black smoke of the diesel engine. It is a world where tribes are the last refuge of society, and those not part of a tribe find death quickly. This is a world where genetic alteration evolved some of mankind, the Nexus into a new species. The Nexus can tap into the Aether, a raw organic energy. The Nexus can manipulate the Aether’s energy. Scavies roam the wastes searching for scav to trade for food and supplies. Where Hyenas terrorize and take. A land filled with Muties from the nuclear and toxic wastes of the old world. A land where the powerful are not always the strongest. Huddled in tribes for protection mankind ekes out his last days. This is the world of Diesel Wars.

Here you will find our projects for the game. Feel free to brows any of the categories and see what we’ve been up to. You’ll even find short stories here, something to fuel your diesel engine ;).

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Client: Gypsee Games, Inc.

Task: Develop a miniatures game set in the dark future of mankind. Where Diesel Powered machines rules the world and mankind’s final hour has arrived.

Creative Direction: K. Pajak
Game Play: K. Pajak
Stories: K. Pajak
Miniatures: P. Keith, etc.