About Us Gypsee Games was initially designed to be an OLFLGS (Online Friendly Local Game Store) but was shelved as a company when the dynamic duo Karl & Kevin “Da Twins” picked up the torch of Game Convention and invented Texicon.

Texicon was an amazing convention, filled with unique concepts and designs. We did things that had never been done before. Like when we created a marionette of Gary Gygax so he could attend the convention and run an original dungeon delving game. It lasted for an amazing ten years. Sadly, we had to shelve the convention.

Then Karl teamed up with Tim Martin, to create other gaming companies. That lasted a wonderful three years, and now I’ve stepped away from NEWay Designs, BPP, and Portable Warfare.

From the dawn of time, through the eons, it has been traveling… a mystical rebirth has occurred. Gypsee Games has been dusted off and brought forth through the veil of darkness. Now you can experience the greatness that are our games. About Us Gypsee Games designs and manufactures games for the gaming industry, distributes hobby accessories, and produces hobby supporting items such as corrugated storage solutions for miniatures. Come sit by the campfire while our tales are weaved, the fairy folk dance and amaze. Watch while we enliven and amaze. Join the Gypsee Caravan to experience your new tales.

About Us Gypsee Games

What we manufacture:
Miniatures Games, Board Games, Role Playing Games, and other support material for Tabletop Gaming and Artist Hobby needs.

Sculptors include: Karl Pajak, and other hired sculptors.
Game designers: Karl Pajak, and other games we purchase the rights to.
Artists: Karl Pajak, Alison Kenyon, and other artists we hire. If you are interested in working for us please contact us via email with link to your portfolio.
Our Editor in Chief: MA Rhetoric Kevin Pajak (Me Twin)
Other Editors: Jim Perry, Karl Pajak
Authors: Karl Pajak, and other wordsmiths hired to help create fantastic tales. If you are interested in writing for us please contact us via email with a link to your sample works. We typically pay per piece, not per word.

Karl Pajak (President)
  • Workhorse behind the business side of things
  • Idea support team leader
  • Business Manager
  • Contracts Manager (if you want something designed or built you need to work with me)