Role Playing Games bring out a person’s expressiveness,  their imagination, and their creativity. They allow you to go to the moon, or battle wizards and evil hordes. Once could say they are an extension of a person’s imagination.

Role Playing

Role Playing is a type of game whereby you create a character, a new persona if you will. This is typically done through the use of rules and dice. You create a person and bring him to life. His likes and dislikes, his skills, and talents and persona are all developed during character creation. Once you’ve designed how tall, how strong, how smart your character is, and what he’s capable of you add equipment.

Equipment can be everything from swords, to rope and magic books. A character’s equipment allows him to meet the challenges he faces, while providing the player the ability to think on his feet and come up with a way to solve a problem or overcome an obstacle.

After you’ve designed your character the person hosting the game, known as the Game Master or GM, begins telling you the story. He lays out the adventure, you’re transported to a far away land where you are the Intriguing Wizard, The Roguish Thief, the Holy Cleric, or the Brave Knight in Shining Armor. Now you can live through your character.

Your character meets an obstacle, like a locked door. You have to get through the door without being heard. How does the party of adventures get through the door. The Roguish Thief, using his lock picks, attempts to pick the lock. That’s where the dice come in.

Dice are typically used as the randomizing factor in games. If you have a skill or trait test you need to pass the GM will have you roll a certain type of dice to attempt to meet a required number. If you match or exceed the test number you succeed. In this case the Roguish Thief picks the lock just in time and the party of adventurers stealthily sneak into the Throne Room undetected.

If you’ve been looking for a new type of game, or wanting that next installment in the adventure series you’ve been playing. If you are ready to being an adventure just follow the girl down the rabbit hole and enter the Role Playing Games Section to find that perfect game.