Surface Warship Game Miniatures Rules 1939 – 1943


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Out of Print Miniatures Rules Surface Warship

Surface Warship Miniatures Rules is a tabletop miniatures strategy and tactics wargame set of rules for Naval Gaming during World War II. This long out of print rules was published in 1970 by Arnold J. Hendrick. If you are a Naval Gamer, or Miniatures Enthusiast this is a great find.

From the inside cover:
Surface Warship 1939-1943 is rules and equipment for tactical World War II naval tabletop simulation games. The author is solely responsible for the content of the rules. The assistance of the following people is gratefully acknowledged: Bert Leighton USN, Mike Smith, Dick Bryant (editor of The Courier), Peter Lowry, and a host of patient play-testors.

Surface Warship Miniatures Rules for Tabletop gaming

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Condition: G/G MFG: Arnold J. Hendrick
SKU: GSE80000 Year: 1970
ITEM: MGSWAH Printing: Believed to be 1st print.
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