Paint Rack Paint Quantity

Paint Rack Paint Quantity – How many bottles? Many artists, hobby painters, crafters, and miniaturists don’t have a large space to pursue their work or hobby. Our Paint Rack solution for storage provides an excellent way to conserve space by allowing you to pack up when you’re done. Everything fits inside Portable Warfare’s Sergeant 2.0 miniatures storage bag. Sometimes you need more paint. And though we offer paint racks in many hole sizes, space can be an issue. We have solved that issue. We offer a Paint Rack that holds our “Micro Bottle”. The concept is simple, transfer your paint into our bottles. Using either the funnel or syringe which is supplied with the any Paint Rack with Micro Holes, or order this kit.

Paint Rack Paint Quantity – Number of Paint Bottles

Many people have asked Paint Rack Paint Quantity? They have wanted to know how many bottles can you store in each type of rack? First you’ll choose the size based upon the diameter of your paint bottles. That determines how many paint bottles/jars/pots fit in the Paint Rack. Naturally the larger the hole size the less paint you can store on the rack. Here’s how many each size holds, for the Gypsee Games Paint/Tool Rack:
Small (25mm Holes) = (36) Bottles
Medium (32mm Holes) = (26) Bottles
Large (35mm Holes) = (20) Bottles
UW Large (25mm & 38mm Holes) = (9) 38mm Bottles (16) 25mm Bottles [
XL (40mm Holes) = (15) Bottles [Mr. Color, Tamiya]
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Paint Rack Paint Quantity

Increase your paint options with Micro Bottles!

Micro / Small (18mm & 25mm Holes) = (25) 18mm Bottles, & (18) 25mm Bottles
Micro / Medium (18mm & 32mm Holes) = (25) 18mm Bottles, & (12) 32mm Bottles
Micro / Large (18mm & 35mm Holes) = (25) 18mm Bottles, & (10) 35mm Bottles
Micro / UW Large (18mm & 25mm & 38mm Holes) = (22) 18mm Bottles, (9) 25mm Bottles, & (9) 38mm Bottles
Micro / XL (18mm & 40mm Holes) = (25) 18mm Bottles, & (8) 40mm Bottles

Note: When you order a Paint / Tool Rack with Micro Holes it always comes with a funnel, a syringe, and enough bottles to fill the micro holes. Which is why they are more expensive than normal racks.

GSE60000 Micro Bottle Kit

The kit comes with one funnel, one syringe, and ten micro bottles. Our bottles are hold 0.2 oz. of paint. Which also makes them perfect for taking on trips when you fly. They meet the TSA Regulations and you can just carry a bag of paint on the plane with you. Then you could paint on the plane!