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Gypsee Writers

Gypsee Games is seeking seasoned writers. If you’ve put pen to paper and are crafty and creative you might just have what it takes.

Terms of Submission

  1. To submit a potential story send and email to storysubmission [at] gypseegames [dot] com. Submit an outline of your story concept with a lead in two paragraph to the story (does not have to be the opening of the story, it can be any point in the story but it must be the finished portion and that exact submission must be used in your final work).
  2. All submissions become property of Gypsee Games and by submitting any concept or idea you agree to these Terms of Submission
  3. You acknowledge that submitted work does not guarantee acceptance.
  4. Once your story is accepted, You agree to relinquish your rights to use your story in any fashion.
  5. Withdraw of Submission: To withdraw your submission simply send an email [Author | Title] canceling your submission. If your submission has not been accepted it will be cancelled.
  6. You may not discuss your story with anyone.
  7. Once your story is published you may use it as part of your portfolio of published works but you may not publish it or any part of it. You may publish a brief 200 word synopsis of your story for purposes of obtaining work.
  8. Gypsee Games has final editing and modification rights and may modify your work as deemed necessary. Final work will remain noted as your work but will contain Edited and or Modified by: Gypsee Games in the citation.
  9. Gypsee Games has no obligation to maintain your work in publication.
  10. Gypsee Games is willing to submit in writing that your work [Title, Author, date of use] was published by Gypsee Games.
  11. All authors must sign a DND for each submission.
  12. All authors must sign a Third Party Contributor Contract (Example below)

Third Party Contributor Contract

This contract is between Gypsee Games, a USA company, with registered address [omitted], referred to hereafter as (the Company), and [Author’s Name], an individual from [Author’s Address], referred to hereafter as (the Contributor).

Deliverables and Scope

The Contributor agrees to contribute Work as requested by the Company. The Work will be detailed in communications between Company and Contributor. The Contributor is under no obligation to complete such work and has full right of refusal for any and all aspects of it. All copyright and applicable rights related to Work in all forms of media are automatically and irrevocably granted to the Company by the Contributor. The Contributor shall receive a set amount in USA Dollars as financial remuneration for his work, per Work accepted. Contractor is responsible for completing Work accepted Work in a timely fashion, and shall making any changes to the document as indicated by Kevin Pajak, Editor In Chief, James R. Perry, Assistant Editor, or Karol Pajak owner. Revisions to Contributor’s work must be completed prior to final compensation. Contributor will be given full credit for his work in writing, both in published and online, where related to the Contributor's work, unless the work is modified, then Contributor will be noted as a Contributor for the work. Furthermore, the Company shall be available for references and feedback as required by the Contributor where applicable and prudent. The Contributor acknowledges and agrees to assign all rights to Company for his work, and shall not use characters, story ideas concepts or any pertinence associated with the Work. Contributor assigns all Intellectual Property rights (IP) for Work to The Company.

The Contributor shall have no restrictions placed on any work he does for himself or third parties as a result of this contract, provided the work is not derivative of or implementing the Company’s IP. Any Work the Contributor performs for the Company will be negotiated and contracted for at that time. Contributor acknowledges that this document, and it’s amendments, holds true for all future Work performed by Contractor to the Company, unless Contractor revokes in writing (email acceptable)
agreement to this contract.

Gypsee Writer Payments

Like spinning great tales? Want to earn some cash for them? Time to write for Gypsee.

Gypsee Games pays author’s for their work. If your story has been accepted, and you have produced a finished story you get paid.

Stories: 3,000 words: $250.00

Stories: Novella 18,000 – 30,000 words: $500.00

Stores: Novel: $800.00

Time to spin your tale, your Gypsee tale. 🙂

Gypsee Writer

So if you think you’re interested in spinning a tale or two for us just drop us a line.

– Gypsee