Gunpla Prototype Set


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Real Wood Paint Racks - Gunpla Paints

Gunpla Prototype Set

This Gunpla Prototype set is being added to our Overstock / Prototype sale as it’s a little off. We designed this set around It’sAGunpla paints and the product he uses. The Tamiya Cement hexagonal shape isn’t large enough for the bottle, and some of these early design holes are a little too tight. We’ve corrected this on the current design so everything fits.

Paint Bottle Quantity

Straight = 24 bottles

90-LG = 30 bottles

Tool Rack = 13 Paints / Plus Large bottles etc. on top / 20 Paint Brushes or tool slots / cutter holder and glue / phone holder (You can put your phone in the top slot of the tool rack to listen to music)

40-LG = 18 Paints


That’s an amazing 85 bottles of paint plus tool/paint brush holder. If you buy this set and you wand drawers and shelves for it we are happy to make them for you at normal price ($20/unit, 40 on the 90-LG).

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in