Welcome to the Alternative Armies' portion of the Gypsee Games website.  Here you'll find Scenarios,
Pictures of their Miniatures, and much more.
Alternative Armies is a Scotland based game company that specializes in classic miniature design, simple
and fun military strategy games, with a focus on fun!  Their games have a hint of role-play in them and
several are very tongue and cheek.  

We can obtain any of the figures Alternative Armies produces, however, we are currently only stocking the
figures from the Flintloque and Slaughterloo ranges.  If you are interested in ordering a figure from one of
their other ranges simply email us: orders@gypseegames.com and provide the details: Figure number,
rule book, etc. and the quantities.  We'll send you a total.  After we've received the paypal payment for the
special order we'll get the figures on order.  When we receive them we'll give you a shout and send them
your way.  All special orders for Alternative Armies receive a
15% discount and free shipping!  Note: We
only sell to the United States... sorry Martians... you're just outta luck.
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Valon, and Its Ages

The Third Age
The world of Valon continues to grow and deepen.  The clash of sword and the nimbus of Magicke energy
joined the time of muskets and cannon bearing forth the Third Age.

Darke Storme is the Skirmish game set in this age.  Games are scenario driven.  Darke Storme takes you
into a fantasy realm where Magicke is strong but human kind is weak.

Malestrome is the mass combat game set in this age.  Similar to the popular Slaughterloo, this game allows
you to command large armies in an attempt to conquer the world.
The Fourth Age
The world of Valon has entered the black powder era.  Emperor Mordred moves to bring about order and
change the world for the better...his majesty's vision for the world is wonderful.

The world of Valon has entered the black powder era.  The Tyrant Mordred moves to conquer the world
under his heel of oppression.  He must be stopped!

Choose a side...will your side prevail?

Flintloque is the Skirmish game set in this age.  Games are both scenario driven and tournament driven.  
They are also a bit tung and cheek.  You'll find yourself engaged and having a great time.

Slaughterloo is the mass combat game set in this age.  This game system has many interesting features
about it.  It plays very well and allows you to have mass combat games with large figures.
The Fifth Age
The New Worlde, Amerika.  Enter the struggles of the New Worlde and experience: the Amerkan Rebellion,
The War of Eighteen Bells, The Civile Warre.  Or you can simply fight in the Wylde West as a gun fighter.  

Frontear is the skirmish game set in this era.  Gypsee Games does not stock Frontear but will be happy to
get you any code from this product line.

And Beyond...
As time flows forward you too will be able to join in the skirmishes that take place in the far flung future.
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Other Alternative Armies' Games

Alternative Armies Unique Celtic Mythology Skirmish Game System
Erin is a Wargame based on the 'Invasion Cycle' of Celtic Ireland. It is designed to be used with Alternative
Armies range of Celtic Mythology Miniatures, all of these intended to portray the feel of accurate Celtic
Mythology. Ancient Magics, old Gods and Monsters from the mists of time are common in the land of Erin as
well as mere men and women.

A 'Heroic Scale' game with 50mm scale miniatures, re-create the battles of Greek Myth and wage your own
quest to become a Hero of the stamp of Hercules. True to the actual myths and warriors of Greece.

'Heroic Scale' miniatures stand are much larger than 28mm figures (centre Flintloque miniature) as this
image illustrates, allowing you to skirmish in a much more imposing scale.